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Looking Back On 2018

I want to start a new tradition of looking back on my accomplishments for the year. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and having a reminder of everything you have accomplished in a year can be a good way to renew your strength. I think it's also important to list accomplishments outside of your career. Life is rich and your worth is not limited to what you accomplish professionally. So here are my 2018 accomplishments!

Wrote a web series for Toca Boca with my (now) wife, Lyvia

Got married!

Became a foster for cats

Learned how to bottle feed kittens

Learned how to TNR (trap/neuter/return)

Helped TNR over 20 cats through Luxe Paws

Helped network over 100 cats to safety through FB posting

Made 2 new pins and 5 new charms for my Etsy shop

Designed and packaged 2 wooden toys

Wrote and released Tim Town volume 2

Wrote a spec script for animation

Wrote a live action sample

Survived my department being dissolved at Cartoon Network

Pitched a new show

Helped 2 other people pitch shows

Grew an avocado sprout from a pit

Saw through 6 foster cats to adoption

Featured artist in Keyframe Magazine

Did a major purge of household items

Completed a new laser cut diorama commission

Completed coverage for one feature and two TV episodes

Tabled at 3 conventions and 5 craft shows

Lectured my first class for Ground Zero

Had a gallery show for my Endangered Species series

Attended 3 Picture This comedy shows as a guest artist

Here's looking towards 2019 as a year for new growth, exciting new adventures, and overcoming challenges! I have a lot planed for 2019 so let's get to it!

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