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Endangered Species:

Along the U.S./Mexico Border

Raising awareness for the endangered species along the US/Mexico border through illustration and research.

mexican long nosed bat postcard.jpg
mexican grey wolf postcard.jpg

There are 1,506 native terrestrial and freshwater animal and plant species that call the border region their home, and 62 of those species are listed as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable. If a border wall were to be built its construction would cause destruction and disturbance to land 50 miles north and south of the build site including the construction roads to get to the wall, the giant lights that would remain on after the wall was built, and the pollution leftover from construction. I aim to raise awareness for these species through research and illustration so people can feel more connected to the border lands and see just how rich and beautiful they are. These are plants and animals that are worth saving and they play an important part in balancing the environment around them, and us. 

This is an ongoing series in which I plan to illustrate all 62 endangered, critically endangered, and vulnerable species with the goal of publishing them into a book. Postcards with species information on the back and a booklet containing a handful of illustrations with information are available in my Etsy shop with proceeds donated to The Center For Biological Diversity.

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