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Cleo loves to swim! She can hold her breath underwater until the count of ten, float on her back, and even reach the toys on the third step. But there is something Cleo doesn't like about swimming... the deep end!

"But what if there are sharks? Or a piece of icky seaweed touches your foot? Or a scary monster comes out of the drain and eats you!??"

Cleo's overactive imagination gets the best of her, that is until her two best friends Gabby and Stu give her the confidence she needs to overcome her fears.

Story Thumbnails

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Continued Adventures!

Cleo goes to summer camp


Cleo makes a new friend who happens to be a turtle. When she finds out turtle doesn’t know how to swim she helps her get over her fears just in time for the big race.

Cleo goes to the ocean

Cleo visits the ocean for the first time and learns how to boogie board! Just as she is starting to get the hang of things a big wave knocks her down. It's a little scary but Cleo learns to overcome obstacles so she can keep playing with her friends.

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