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Rick and Morty

For the first 3 seasons of Rick and Morty I served as the only full time stateside animator for the series creating specialty sequences (like the Goodbye Moonmen song, and the Jerry Wormhole sequence), creating new shots for 11th hour script revisions, and accomplishing retakes and punch ups for shots that were either too specific to send back for revisions or too complex and needed to be done in house (like the Rick Suicide scene). I was also honored to animate the tribute for Mike Mendel, who served as producer of the show until his untimely passing. Rick and Morty was a wild ride and I'm glad to have been part of such a beloved series that served as a high water mark for my career as a 2-d animator. 

No Naked!

No Naked!

My short film, No Naked! From my 4th year in the Experimental Animation program at Cal Arts, 2007. No Naked! is a traditionally animated short film using pencil on paper. The original form of the film was recorded on a Lunch Box (the old skool way of capturing each image to put together what is known as a pencil test), then recorded on tape and edited together. In 2009 I decided to scan each drawing and composite all the layers together to make a better quality film for festivals (at that time some festivals still wanted films to be sent on tape while others either allowed for mobile upload or sending a hard drive. It was all very annoying). Anyway, No Naked! is a silly little short about two kids who decide to express their freedom by getting naked, which they do... that is until the No Naked Horse shows up. That's what's on the surface anyway, but No Naked! is really about the freedom of childhood and how that freedom is halted by seemingly arbitrary rules that come out of nowhere. One day you are running around in the sprinkler without a shirt on and the next day you are told that's something a little girl should be ashamed of. Growing up in a society of humans is hard and I just wanted to poke fun at it. 

Bokack Horseman

Before Bojack Horseman was a hit show on Netflix it was a pilot being shopped around town looking for a home. I did a lot of work on the pilot as an animator, (some of those shots are in the video above). Once the show was sold to Netflix the pilot was split into two segments that were expanded into two separate episodes. Unfortunately I did not get credit for that work but I did come back for season 2 as a story artist and boarding sequences like the season intro with little Bojack and his parents fighting in the background, and bojack as Secretariat in the "what are you doing here??" scene. It was cool to be a part of Bojack so early on and help figure out how he would move, but I really enjoyed boarding on the show and the challenge of expressing all the moods of Bojack, from goofy slapstick to serious drama and everything inbetween.

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